How to Play Poker and Win

Whether you are a recreational player who loves to enjoy virtual poker once a month or someone who spends hours to profit from the game daily.

This useful guide will help you with poker winning and how to profit from it. While many people spend years of practice, patience and learning, the professional poker players use some techniques to beat the game again and again.

And the same is what I will be discussing in our today’s discussion. You can learn from these techniques and apply them to your virtual poker game in a live casino.

Play Poker And Win

Below is my simple 8-step method on how to play poker and then win.

Step 1: Poker hand rank order
In addition to the psycho-play aspect of poker, the outcome is usually determined by the higher value hand – unless, of course, you’re bluffing! So how do you really play poker, especially as a beginner? You form the strongest leaf. The highest ranking hand in most poker games is a Royal Flush.

Value of the hands in poker

Step 2: Learning the Table Positions in Poker
The position is everything in poker and all action is focused on the button – except for Seven Card Stud. The starting positions, such as the Small and the Big Blind, are on the left side of the button and move first after the flop. The positions on the right side of the button are the later positions (late-positions) which are last used and the places in between are the middle positions.

Positions on the poker table

Step 3: What happens after the flop
The game action starts with the player to the left of the BB (Big Blind). The game then runs clockwise with the BB as the last player. Before the flop, players have a choice of throwing the cards away (fold), calling or raising. As soon as all players have made their move, the betting round ends.

Flop in poker

Step 4: What happens after the flop
The flop consists of the first three community cards. After the flop, players have the option to check (nothing is bet), bet, call, fold or raise – depending on the position at the table and previous actions.

The Turn Poker

Step 5: What happens after the turn
This fourth community card appears after the flop betting round ends. After the turn, you have the same options as after the flop: check, bet, call, fold or raise – depending on the position at the table and previous actions.

River Texas Holdem poker

Step 6: What happens after the River
When you finally see the river – the fifth community card – you should hold a hand to win. Or you try to bluff when everyone else besides you checks. And there are no more cards to beat you! That’s the kind of thing you should internalize when you learn to play poker.

Bluff in Poker

Step 7: Now we go to the showdown
For a showdown to take place, there must be at least 2 players left. The winner must reveal his cards to win the hand. The winner will be determined on the basis of the best five-card combination. In Omaha Hi-Lo there are two prize pools to be won!

Win money from texas holdem poker

Step 8: Get ready for a new round!
Once the winner has been determined, it’s time to shuffle the cards and start the next hand. Whether you play Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hi or Omaha Hi-Lo tournaments, Sit & Go’s or play at the real money tables.

That being said, there are some different forms of poker, of which, Texas Hold Em Poker is the most popular.

Texas Hold Em Poker

Here is how to play it and profit. And since I personally love it very much, I’m going to get into the details.

Royal flush, full house and the proverbial ace in the sleeve. There are a number of terms from poker that have found their way into everyday language. But how is the Texas Hold Em Poker, the most common variant offered in casinos, actually played?

The goal of poker is to achieve the highest possible combination of cards. Five cards are always combined and compared with the opponent’s cards at the end of the game. The best possible combination of poker is the so-called Royal Flush. This is a closed series of Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten cards in the same suit. If the sequence does not start with the ace, it is a straight flush and only after that, the famous four aces or quadruplets in general follow.

The ranking continues with the Full House, which consists of a combination of a triplet and a pair. Behind it is the flush, i. e. the disordered collection of cards of one suit and the straight, which means the row of cards of different colours, i. e. cross-four, heart-five, six of diamonds, etc. Finally, the triplet, two pairs and the simple pair follow, and if this is not present, the highest card in the hand counts in direct comparison.

Poker Texas Holdem

In Texas Hold’Em poker, players are dealt two cards, while three cards, known as the “flop”, are dealt face up in the middle. In each betting round, players have the option of betting on their poker hand and raising, call or fold the bet. In the latter case, all you have to do as a player is to pay the bet for the game, the so-called “buy in”.
If players are still seated at the table after the first round of betting, the first additional card, the “turn”, will be revealed, followed by the “river” in the next round. If players then sit at the poker table, the cards are revealed and the best hand wins.

Learn tactics from Wikihow.


With all that in mind, I do hope that now you know how to play poker and win. It may not be easy but do not make it complicated. Simply follow the tips as mentioned above, use the techniques, study other professional players, watch their games and then apply to your own.